Virtual Promotional Services

Distorted Reality allows you to promote your event and event talent through Virtual and Augmented Reality. When you partner with Distorted Reality your event is promoted nationally with ease through our Event AR and Bar AR Portals.

Virtual Advertising

Distorted Reality gives patrons a virtual experience with every drink. When patrons use the Bar AR app, their drinks come alive. An animation appears around the drink accompanied by music or a message. Your logo will appear in rotation every time a patron views the animation. Along with Distorted Reality's animations, you may elect to add a short commercial or custom appearances to enhance the patron's virtual experience. The possibilities are endless.


Distorted Reality sends every participating bar free coasters customized with their logo. Patrons download the FREE Bar AR app and then simply hold their phone up to the coaster and the Bar AR experience begins. The advertising sponsors rotate through each experience so every sponsor gets tremendous visibility.




The Event AR Virtual Photo Shoot allows your attendees to interact with your venues talent using the Event AR Virtual Photo Shoot platform. Attendees download the FREE Event AR app and enter the Virtual Photo Booth and get their photo with a hologram of the talent that they choose. The app automatically loads in the logo of the main sponsor of the event or venue along with a date stamp with the event logo. Advertising at its finest!!!

Bar AR Virtual Photo Shoot

The Bar AR Virtual Photo Shoot ties Event AR with Bar AR and completes the promotion of your event with the talent and with the sponsors. The Bar AR Photo Shoot will allow the patrons to select their venue/event. Then they select the talent. Then Bar AR automatically places the talent with the appropriate venue/event with the main sponsor of the event/venue. The hologram is produced and easily sent to social media instantly promoting all aspects of the event and sponsors.